5 Questions to Ask Existing Franchisees Before you Commit to Buying in.

You’re up to the due diligence stage of buying a franchise. At this point, we recommend contacting a number of existing franchisees to ask them questions about their time in the system.

I suggest at least five topics for conversation, such as:

  1. Are you happy with the support from your franchisor?
  2. Is the performance of the store what you expected?
  3. If you had your time over, would you still join the system?
  4. Would you recommend family and friends join the system?
  5. Overall, are you happy with your investment choice and business systems?

You’ll find people are generally honest in their responses – it makes no difference to them if you buy into the system or not. Just remember that, when you receive the feedback – whether it’s positive or negative – to balance your opinion and remember that attitudes are shaped by personal journey.

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