Does your Business Need Cash Flow, or Finance to Purchase
an Asset?

Are you a seasonal business needing to manage fluctuating cash flow? Or a new business requiring working capital to fund your start-up?

Perhaps you need to replace, upgrade or add equipment to keep your assets current. Let us help you.

Cash flow is the flow of money into and out of a business, over a specified period. Cash is said to be ‘king’ for SMEs because – quite simply – a business cannot pay for something if it runs out of money!

At The Finance Specialists, we understand cash flow can make or break a business, and the pressure placed on SME owners by limited or intermittent working capital. Our expert advisors are skilled at helping businesses manage their finances by tracking cash flow and uncovering payment cycles or seasonal trends that require additional funds to cover payments. Understanding these patterns allows us to plan ahead, and ensure you always have the money to cover your repayments.

When it comes to seeking finance for short or medium-term cash flow relief, The Finance Specialists are uniquely placed to assist our clients with bank applications, and choosing the most suitable package from our panel of lenders.

For business owners wanting to keep their assets current and preserve working capital, talk to us about equipment finance for your next purchase.

Years of experience in the finance sector has given our team unique insight into what it takes to successfully navigate the banks’ lending processes, so take advantage of our knowledge to ensure you achieve a finance option tailor-made for your business structure and strategy.

To learn more about how we can help with business cashflow contact us today.

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